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What is Awspice?

Is a wrapper tool of Boto3 library to list inventory and manage your AWS infrastructure The objective of the wrapper is to abstract the use of AWS, being able to dig through all the data of our account, and for example you will be able of:

  • Run a ssh-command for all instances in all regions
  • List all instances with exposed critical ports like 22 or 3389
  • Get info about all certificates of your account/s
  • Obtain all the infrastructure after a domain associated with a balancer


pip install awspice


The client is built and configured using awspice.connect(). This method indicates the type of authentication and region on which you are going to work.

import awspice

aws = awspice.connect() # Region: eu-west-1 | Profile: Default

aws = awspice.connect(region='us-west-2', profile='dev_profile')
aws = awspice.connect('us-west-2', access_key='AKIA***********', secret_key='/HR$4************')

Test it

To verify that the configuration has been correctly stored, you can run the following test. This test only checks that your user is registered and enabled on the AWS account set in the client’s configuration.

import awspice

aws = awspice.connect(profile='<YOUR_PROFILE>')

Using boto3 client

If you want to use the native Boto3 client to perform some operation, you can also do it using the “client” attribute within each service. If you call the client through the class ec2, this will be the service on which the client will be configured. The region and authentication will be the same as the last call made.

import awspice

aws = awspice.connect(region='us-east-1', profile='sample')

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